Privacy Policy

  • Who we Are :

  •    IMChat inc

  • is a Social Media Network that was created by media Pro digital network PTY Ltd  to unite People Across the world in a different ways  imchat
  • Address : 103 Morning Side Kampara estate,158 Florida Road ,
  • Account Profile :

  • during Registration we May require You to Provide the following details Username/ Email and Passwords and Complete Your Profile Field By confirming your username with date of birth  and mobile Phone number and your Location
  • Terms of User :

  • User have a Right to hide himself in Our site Members  directory and Choose who he or She wish to be friend with and choose who should see her gallery content and Posts User Can block people he does not want them to contact her, User Can ask for termination of her Account ,Site Administration Can Ban or Suspended user IP address if that users is misbehaving in acceptable way user can appeal against  her suspension by.  Using Feedback contact form to reach to The adminstration
  • Activity Streams :

Notice that this site use users activities to keep it users updated by Posting updates during the time they are Active As Members of Our Community Network during the time users made those Activity Scream Our Admins they make sure that they follow each and Every members Post who”s using Activity scream to Make Sure that they don’t  Post  Something that is not Accepted in Public Community Our Platform is Public. Communication tool that use by all People wish including childrens,Families, Elders wish is the main reason we have to protect each and every Members Our Site and Views who visit our Just to read and follow what happening in our site during the post of activity screams, the Admins Can ask use to hide the post or remove it if Seem to be more harmful to other Views admin can also change the post of the user or delete it if it seems be more sensitive to be shown in our website


Messages And Communication :

During Messages Users Can Share text Messages and Contents wish including Pictures, Videos, Music,documents,Website Links and Emojis during communications user Can Also Make Friendship and Create Groups or Chatrooms together and Make Public or Private communication with messages & Post in Forums groups

IMCloud :

  • With IMCloud Buddydrive storage Users can upload content files and share them with other without anyone notice file Sharing in cloud storage is not visible to the public Views And they not Posted in users activities they only seen by users who posted and People who Received it
  • DATA Protection

  • Wish Rights You have in Your data you  have a Right to ask for Your Personal information to be deleted in imchat Social media network we wont Share your data unless it is agent matter that involved broken of the law that involved one of our stuff members or the subscribed user of our site

Translation :

  • With translation is to speed up the communication and makes better understanding we are trying Our best Reach to each and every users who visit Our site with translation of 100 Languages
  • Cookies :

  • We use cookies in this site during the time use visit the site or create her account his behalf or for her organization or individuals cookies are use to collect some information such as  IP address to Protect use accounts. This cookies they not keeped in our site they are usually delete every 24hrs during the time cookies are deleted users are not log put especially if they created bookmarks this cookies they Are userful avoid multiple logins especially when user bookmark the site page or profile account for easy access that not required login again